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The 2024 Yankees

Since the beginning of baseball, there have been traditions that make the game what it is. Some teams wear specific colors, players who play in different styles, the ability of the game to break barriers, and the game constantly changing to be a beautiful sport. One tradition dreaded all throughout the league is the legend of the New York Yankees, recognized as the best team in baseball history. Navy pinstripes that are recognized worldwide alongside their iconic hat, the most recognizable in the world, make the Yankees who they are; that's their identity in the sports world. But something just as iconic as the pinstripes and hat to Yankees baseball is their history of winning; for 119 years, the MLB has held a World Series, and 27 times, the Yankees have won it all.


27 World Series won is the most championships won in baseball and all other Big 4 American professional sports. The Yankees' 27 championships are iconic and the most used argument by Yankees fans for their respect and sports glory. But the Yankees have not won a championship for 15 years, and a drought of World Series victory has fallen over the city of New York. The Yankees have fallen short of the fall classic for the last seven years in the dance for October, but every year, they go out to put the best team in baseball out on the field. Last year, the Yankees missed the playoffs and, ever since, started a mission to get back to the finish line, which they have done by restructuring the team.


During the offseason, the Yankees acquired the talents of guys like Alex Verdugo, Marcus Stroman, Trent Grisham, and others. Still, most importantly, the young star, Juan Soto, was the most prominent star they added to try to win a championship. Soto is categorized as one of the best hitters in the league and is poised to win an MVP in the next couple of years; his raw hitting ability and his postseason track record with a 2019 championship ring will help the Yankees.

The Yankees have won nine games so far this season, lost only two games as they’re eleven games into the season, and they hold the best record in all of MLB. They have started hot by sweeping their postseason archenemies. The Houston Astros have defeated them three different postseasons since 2017 and have been owning them since. Their wins over the Astros this early hint at a new Yankees team running towards a championship. The Yankees are looking promising this year. With their Ace Gerrit Cole returning in the next month or two, they seem like the favorites to win the World Series this year and their 28th championship.

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