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The 2024 New York Yankees

About this Article:

An early look into the MLB season and the best team in baseball so far. How the Yankees look so far in the season and their outlook for the year.

Spring Training 2024

About this Article:

An outlook on MLB's Spring Training 2024. What the event brings to Florida and the experiences and events that sports fans in Florida can take part in.

Super Bowl 58

About this Article:

A look at the upcoming Super Bowl, an analysis of both opponents and how they both got to this spot, and a preview of what's going to happen.

Lash Bradshaw: Story

About this Article:

The story of one of Lake Sumter's star runners for the Cross Country. Talking about his journey to running at Lake Sumter, His legendary coach, and facing challenges in his athletic career.

NBA Trade Deadline

About this Article:

In this article we talked about the 2023 NBA trade deadline and some predictions on some upcoming possible trades in the league.

World Baseball Classic

About this Article:

A recap and summary of the World Baseball Classic event, talking about the effects on baseball, and the sports community internationally.

Spring Training comes to Central Florida

About this Article:

In this article we spoke about Spring Training coming back to Central Florida and why people should go take in the MLB experience in Kissimmee.

By: Angel Rodriguez

I am Angel Rodriguez, Journalist for the Angler who specializes in sports. I am currently majoring in Journalism and plan to build a career based on sports journalism.

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