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Lake Sumter's Student Organizations

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At the Angler, multiple student editors, artists, and journalists form together to build this website from the ground up. We strive to bring interesting articles and information to the students at Lake Sumter State College.

If you want to stay up to date on all of the latest events going on at Lake Sumter, be sure to check us out. We will also be highlighting local businesses and events around Clermont. If you enjoy writing, editing, or designing, the Angler is the place for you.

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According to Conel Crockton III, secretary and one of Latino Club's founders, "Latino Club is a club of people who want to learn about Hispanic culture and have fun while doing it. We teach Hispanic culture and language to our club members. It is important to have this club because it is essential to know about the ends and outs of the place you are traveling to as well as its language. Also, in my experience, it is a great start to better opportunities in the workplace."

Crockton III also comments on his involvement in the club: "I personally feel like the LCC is a gateway for more clubs likes ours to start up. Latino Club isn’t just for Latinos. It’s for everyone who wants to learn more about us. Everyone is welcomed! Latino 4 Life!"



The Odyssey is LSSC’s only art & literary magazine that seeks to publish the unpublished works of the college’s student community. The magazine publishes a print edition each spring, and provides additional content through their website and through their official podcast.


At Prism, students of all identities are dedicated to connecting and communicating with LGBTQIA+ individuals to create a more diverse and open-minded student body. Members are welcome to share personal experiences and stories to build a safe space for students of all kinds.

Athena Ackerman, an Officer for Prism, discusses what the club means to her: "For me, being queer is just who I am, and Prism is the perfect representation of that: a place to be myself with other people like me."

(Pictured from left to right: Ashleigh (Officer), Carrie (Member), Athena (Officer), José (Member), Rod (former Prism president), Kieran (Member))



The Honors Program provides incoming students with the opportunity to go above and beyond; expansive education, scholarship opportunities, and an intimate cohort. Members of the Honors Program partake in numerous community events, such as cookouts, canoeing excursions, and Universal trips.

The President of the Honors Program and LSSC student Sergio Herboso comments on his involvement with the club: "In the Honors Program, [we] strive to make it a place where we can all learn from each other, and be there to help in need."

(Pictured: The Honors Program Freshmen and their Learning Service Project)


The Student Government Association is a student-run organization for Lake Sumter that works to improve student life on campus.  Led by their advisor Jenn and president Angelica, the SGA is currently working on planning the Pumpkin Bowl and Halloween Festivities events, which are set for this October.  They are also working on improving the Student Lounge by adding more couches, tables, TVs, and healthier vending machines, along with making a new Learning Center for students to study and do homework in. 

The SGA is very involved with other students outside the club.  They meet every Tuesday from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm and welcome anyone who wants to sit in on a meeting.  They also have a suggestion box available for students to recommend any changes to campus life. 


Let's Roll Club

Dungeons and Dragons club! Come join the fun!


According to SPA President Prestone Dalphond, "The Society of Performing Arts is a collection of individuals who appreciate all manner of performance, on and off the stage. We show our support of the arts any way we can; Producing people’s shows, attending live performances, and encouraging people to express themselves. SPA is a community full of wonderful, creative people. It’s a perpetually brewing brainstorm of ideas that we come together to turn into reality. Everyone has a place in SPA. On stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience, we all share a passion for entertainment and expression. And that’s what SPA is to me; A place to entertain and express with friendly, like-minded people."

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