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Students For Jesus
By. Angel Rodriguez

Lake Sumter State College’s South Lake campus has a new club and it has already begun. The newest member of the clubs at lake Sumter is the Students for Jesus which meets every Monday. At the beginning of the month this club held it’s official first meeting where the members of the club came together to do the SFJ activities. SFJ which is short for Students for Jesus, is a bible study club which was brought to Lake Sumter in 2023’s fall semester. The club was started with the purpose of creating a community in the college to provide a safe space where Christians can meet together and learn more about god together, have fun together and create godly relationships.


The club was founded by a student from the South Lake campus who is a member of the Student Government. During the year the Student Government told its members and students of the college that they could create clubs with the support of ten students who were willing to sign off on approving that the club could be useful for the school.


After a month or two, the signatures were gotten and the search for an advisor for the club began, the need for the advisor was harder than for most clubs since the advisor needed to be a professor of the school, specially someone who was a Christian. Thanks to the help of the advisor of the Angler, the club was blessed to receive the help of Gregory Craig, who agreed to be the advisor of the club.


With the club having found an advisor and the ten signatures of students, the club was ready to propose its formation to the Student Government and have them vote over whether the club could be formed or not. The club was approved to begin as soon as possible, with the help of advisor Gregory Craig, Student Life advisor Jennifer Unterbrink, and the leader of the club after a month the club had it’s first meeting Monday October 30th. As of today the club has had three meetings and has officially seven members who regularly attend the meetings every Monday. 


The club wants and desires for more members and will always open its doors to any students that want to learn more about God, people who want to strengthen their relationships with God and all who wish to see what the club is about. As of now the club provides snacks for members and guests in every meeting, and consists of a three part routine.


Every meeting starts with some time so all members can chat and talk about their weeks and how they’re feeling. Then the leader goes over the theme of the week, and what part of the bible they will review that week, later with some discussions on the meaning of the verses read with interpretations of what it means, and then most meetings end with friendly talks between all members. 


The club is planning events and other gatherings outside of the college and meetings in order to truly create a friend group around the club where members can hang out and enjoy time together outside of meetings instead of just being a college only thing. These things go from attending church services together, going to movies, and anything that can be imagined. And so the leader asks for anyone interested to come and experience Students For Jesus to see how awesome the club is and how big it can develop to be.


Stay tuned to our Instagram page @StudentsForJesusLSSC for announcements for the 2024 Spring Semester!!!

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