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Hogwarts Legacy

by Brooke Haigh

     In just a little over a month of it’s release date, Hogwarts Legacy has taken the gaming community by storm. Hogwarts Legacy, created by Avalanche Software, Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment, and Portkey Games, is a single-player open-world adventure game for PC and various gaming consoles.

The game takes place in the late 19 th century, ages before the events of Harry Potter ever take place. Players create a customizable main character and work to fight off a significant threat to the wizarding community while discovering the castle’s secrets. Not only do you get sorted into your house, but you can tame magical beasts, create your own wand, and battle multiple

While there have been mixed reactions to the release of this game, people all over the world are talking about it. Supporters of the game are fighting off the alleged controversy following Harry Potter author J.K Rowling and are already calling for the release of a DLC and a sequel. There have even been rumors about creating an episodic adaptation on HBO Max.

This game is excellent if you grew up loving the wizarding world and Harry Potter. Completing the main storyline only takes around 30-35 hours. However, with the number of side quests and things to explore and discover, this game can last way longer than intended, which is excellent if you aren’t ready to leave the wizarding community just yet. So, to all you wizards
and witches out there, grab your house robes and wands and start your adventure!

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