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By Jossette White

Over the last couple of years, there have been mostly online classes offered. Online classes are great if you have a job or other commitment that you need that flexibility with your schedule. The Hybrid classes are convenient if you can make it to campus but prefer to do most of the work online. The fully seated classes are for students that thrive on the in-person experience and need that structure to be more successful with the classwork.

Whichever format you choose, if the class you want is not offered in the format you want,
or perhaps it is already full, please reach out to your Academic Advisor! Your advisor can let the
faculty know, and if there is enough interest in a particular class they could open registration for
another one!

A waitlist is a powerful tool that you did not even know you possessed! The waitlist is
there to indicate the need for another class to open. There are 13 waitlist spots, and if all spots
are filled, the college may open another class up for registration. Make sure you sign up for the

The college is open to feedback from students and your Academic Advisor is a perfect
place to begin.

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