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A short story by: Writerzblock

I dropped my backpack on the ground before looking around the dimly lit alleyway. Then I grabbed the silver lighter from my old leather jacket pocket and lit the cigarette in my mouth. Pocketing the lighter, I let out a puff of smoke and leaned against the cool brick wall of an old retail store, and closed my eyes.

    I had just run away from my fifth foster home in Memphis. I planned to cross the border into Arkansas so the authorities wouldn’t find me. Once there, I just needed to lay low for a few
days until I turned 18. At least I wouldn’t be alone. I told my best friend, Noah, to meet me here. He was a runaway as well. We were in the same home three years back, and we’ve kept tabs ever since.

I felt someone put their hand on the wall by my head. I calmly opened my eyes and was met by Noah’s amber ones. I took a long drag from my cigarette and blew the smoke in his face, making him move his hand to cough. I let out a soft chuckle.

“Hey, Noah,” I said after his coughing fit stopped.

“Hey, Princess,” he replied, his deep husky voice echoing off the alley walls.

I rolled my eyes at his pet name for me. He was always such a flirt. That, and he’s had a crush on me since we met. He has asked me out once or twice, but I always turned him down. I
had no clue what he saw in me. He was tall and slightly muscular, with brown hair that always fell into his handsome face.

On the other hand, I was short and bony, with my purple hair always kept in a braid. Not to mention my awful resting face and poor posture. Regardless, I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. My life was too complicated.

“So…when do we get outta here?” he asked. “Or are we gonna live in the alley until someone
catches us?”

“Well, I would’ve left by now, but I was waiting on the slowest person in the world,” I replied,
picking up my bag. “By the way, happy birthday, idiot.”

I handed him a long box I had taken out of my bag. I bit my lip anxiously as he opened it. Once I saw his eyes light up, I breathed a silent relief.

“No way!” He pulled the white pocketknife out of the box.” I love it. Thanks, Claire.”

Then he pulled me into a hug. I was never one for affection, but I could feel my cheeks heat up from being so close to him. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t like him…right? I tried to get the blush to leave my face, but it was too late. My face was lit up by the small light attached to the building. Moving away, Noah noticed the redness of my cheeks, causing a smirk to form on
his lips.

“My, my. Is it possible that Claire Welsh is blushing?” He teased while moving a bit of my
purple hair away from my face. “I thought you didn’t like me.”

“I…I don’t.” This made him laugh. “Whatever, let’s get going.”

I took one last drag from my cigarette before throwing it on the ground and stomping it
out. Then we headed off into the night.

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