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By: Brooke Haigh

People are looking for new, fresh things to watch as the new year begins. One hot trend
right now is Kaleidoscope. Reaching Netflix’s number 1 show on their top 10 list, Kaleidoscope
is a limited series that features the story of a grand heist and how the plan came together. Here’s
where it gets interesting. The show is meant to be watched separately and discussed later with
your friends. Each episode’s name is a different color, and the episode order is randomly
scrambled each time someone starts the show at the beginning. The only episodes that remain the
same are the first and last, under the names Black and White. Each episode in between can act as
a beginning and an end without giving the entire piece of the puzzle. It’s a great show to binge,
so you can start piecing together how the story will turn out. If you already know how it
ends…shhh! No spoilers!

The cast has some well-known stars in it. Giancarlo Esposito plays Leo Pap/ Ray Vernon,
the leading character. Fans may recognize him from Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, The
Maze Runner, and The Mandalorian. Starring alongside him is Tati Gabrielle, who plays Hannah
Kim. She is best known for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Uncharted, and The 100.
Finally, Jai Courtney plays Bob Goodwin. Fans will recognize him from Suicide Squad and the
Divergent movies.

So, if you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do, hop onto Netflix and start
watching! It's a great show, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves puzzle shows. But
don’t take my word for it. Go give it a try!

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