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Adult Graduation


By Jossette White

     To you moms and dads who are in college and happen to be the minority among the ocean of dual-enrolled and freshly graduated high school students. Let me say, I am proud of you!

When you graduate high school, you are expected to go to college or work. College can be an excellent way to figure out what you want to do with your life. For the older and parental students, we already have a life, career, and family. Going back to school is a way to change something in our life or pursue a goal we haven’t yet had the ability to meet.

    We all have different reasons for going to college, and each story is inspiring. You may be a young mom who got pregnant in high school. Or you might be older like me, with children at home that depend on you. Whether you are single or married, and no matter how young or old your children are, you are here. You showed up. That takes courage and commitment.

     I didn’t know it was going to be this hard or take so much of my time outside of school for each class. I sometimes feel guilty for pursuing my goals instead of being a full-time Mom at home. But then someone will tell me I am doing great, and they are proud of me, and it helps. So, I will tell you, you are doing great. I am proud of you.

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