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By: Jossette White

August 22, 2023

Welcome to the Fall 2023 Term at Lake-Sumter State College! I am so excited to be here and look forward to sharing the news with you! The Fall Semester is a nice change of pace after the slightly accelerated and crazy Summer Semester I just had! How was your summer? Did you take a break or attend classes? Let me know at! I love to hear from readers and maybe your comment will be featured in a future edition of the Angler.


Whether this is a semester back at LSSC or this is your first time here, I want to welcome
you, from the entire staff of The Angler.

Club Meetings will be held on the Clermont South Lake Campus every Thursday from 2:10-3:10pm in Building 2, Room #101, beginning August 31st, 2023.

Office hours are on Thursdays after the meetings, from 3:15-4:15pm.
Feel free to stop by and say Hi. Anyone is welcome to contribute to our school newspaper so get involved!

Learn more about all of the different clubs and organizations LSSC has to offer here.


Upcoming Events

A highlight of LSSC's Upcoming Events on Campus

Career Interview Skills Workshop

by Jossette White

August 29, 2023

Add October 13 to your calendar for the College to Career Conference, from 9 am to 3 pm.

This event offers:

  • Workshop to develop your career plan

  • Practice your networking skills

  • Resume review lab and mock interviews

  • Connect with employers about job opportunities

  • Take a Professional Headshot, and more!

Hurricane closure already!

By Jossette White; August 29, 2023

It is the second week of classes and already we have a closure tomorrow (Wednesday, August 30, 2023) due to Tropical Storm Idalia. Go home and help prepare! Make sure you have fresh water, pet food, people food, medications, and a battery, crank, or solar-operated radio. Keep it on 88.3FM for the latest weather updates! Be safe and hope to see you back on campus Thursday!

Business Meeting
Tropical Storm

Photo by Luis Pelegrin

College Friendship

September 21, 2023

by Jossette White

When I started college a year ago, I declared, “I am not here to make friends, I am here to learn!” Fast forward halfway through the semester; I was overwhelmed and had no one in my life that could relate to my journey besides professors, and a wise professor suggested I make friends at the college because they would be having similar experiences. I looked forward to study sessions with my classmates because it was more fun than studying alone, but most of my classmates were my kids’ ages and we only had school in common.

In the Spring semester, it happened, I met an amazing person in class. She had a great fashion sense, and we would often unintentionally show up to class wearing the same colors! We quickly learned we were close in age, both Moms, and in a similar financial situation. I encouraged her and she encouraged me. Little by little we shared our stories and became close friends. Next semester we deliberately took two classes together and that was the best semester I have had so far!

Having a friend in college has lightened my burden, and has inspired me to be a better friend, better wife, better mom, and better student.

Pick your friends wisely, quality over quantity. Someone who will encourage you to study when you do not feel like it, and speaks highly about you behind your back. Just my two cents.

The Importance of In-Person Classes

By: Brooke Haigh


For the past three years, schools have been offering more and more online class options. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. While it was understandable to move classes online during that time, the pandemic is pretty much over. People are returning to society and going back to their normal routines. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about colleges.

When registering for college classes, one thing that many students look for is sitting in an actual classroom, surrounded by their peers. There’s an actual lecture to listen to and maybe some group discussions.  I believe that online classes have been harmful, not only to community college students but to college students everywhere. It takes away the experiences that come from sitting in a physical classroom and learning with fellow students. It’s also a common fact that many students, myself included, learn better in person rather than online. We as humans were created to have that social interaction. Going to school and meeting new people is a huge part of that. If we continue to do purely online classes, we are taking away that human need. 

One thing that I’ve noticed when registering for classes, is that there are three categories. You have ‘on campus fully seated, hybrid, and traditional online’. The thing that bothers me here, is the use of the word traditional. Online classes aren’t ‘traditional’. They weren’t even a huge thing until 2020. Sure, they’ve been around for a lot longer, but they didn’t become as prominent until three years ago. Sure, you have hybrid classes, which are a combination of both online and fully seated. However, they are rare and still aren’t as effective. With a hybrid class, you are only going to said class every so often. Otherwise, you’re still doing work from home on a computer. The only way we can get real education is through in-person courses. 

Naturally, having a few online classes is okay. Sometimes the more non-traditional students need them. However, they shouldn’t be the type of class that is most offered in college. So many students have tried to talk against having this many online options. However, we aren’t being heard. We miss the days of sitting next to like-minded students and having group discussions. We miss seeing the faces of our peers. Consider this a call to try and fix this issue. The dominance of online classes has gone on for far too long. 

Did You Know?
by Nafisah Azar
September 2, 2023

Did You Know?

Lake Sumter is getting a new addition to the campus
café! Teamont Cafe, the first Boba place to reach Clermont, is
spreading its wings over to our local college!
I mean, who doesn’t love boba? If you do not like boba or
are intimidated by it, do not fret; they have a variety of
drinks and food choices. “Boba is made from tapioca starch,
also known as cassava starch” (Sugg). They are small black
pearl-looking treats cooked in brown sugar syrup. They are
delicious and not too sweet, but not for everyone. No shame if
you don’t like it; most don’t.
I recommend popping pearls if you don’t like boba.
Popping pearls are fruit flavor spheres that pop in your mouth
with the fruit juice of your choice. If you are still not a
fan, that is OK. You can order any drink without the pearls.
At Teamont, you can choose between fruit or milk teas,
add boba or popping pearls, or add both if you like taking
risks! If you haven’t tried it yet, try the cheese foam; it is

Recommended Drinks!

If you are a first-time Boba drinker and you like milk drinks,
you should try Tiger Milk Tea. This drink is just “vanilla milk

and brown sugar syrup drizzled all around the cup” (Teamont
Boba). It’s simple but a classic.
My go-to milk teas are Taro, Matcha, Lavender, and my all-
time fav. Jasmine. I get all of mine with almond milk and basic
tapioca boba. My go-to fruit tea is Lychee with the same flavor popping
At Teamont, you are not limited to just a basic fruit or milk
tea. You can turn any fruit or milk tea into a slushie!
If you think turning a basic drink into a slushie is cool, you can
try Ramune soda! It’s a delicious soda that is super fun to
open. There is a glass pearl you need to push down to enjoy
this soda. It is definitely a fun drink to try if you like
carbonated drinks!
Visit Teamont Cafe at the South Lake Campus café on
9/5/2023! We cannot wait to see you there!
Check back next week for a personal interview with the

Constitution Day Event

September 18, 2023

by: Jossette White

I had the pleasure of competing with Dr. Mews in a game of trivia regarding our Civic history and Constitution at the Constitutional Day Event hosted by SGA! There was a station to write new laws, and another station to decorate a cookie! If you weren't able to stop by the SGA has more events planned throughout the semester so stay tuned for fun, and possibly more cookies!



The most recent scoops from The LSSC Angler team!

Adult Students

Lash Bradshaw- One of Lake Sumter's best

By. Angel Rodriguez

Thursday, March 14th 2023

The story of one of Lake Sumter's star runners for the Cross Country. Talking about his journey to running at Lake Sumter, His legendary coach, and facing challenges in his athletic career.


by Jossette White

January 25, 2023

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been mostly online classes offered for the last couple of years. Fully seated, hybrid, and online classes each have their own pros and cons. Did you know that you can help the college decide which type of course it offers.

By Tatiana Njoroge

January 17, 2023

One of everyone's least favorite parts of school is standardized testing. It is always the most stressful time of the year. As college and high school students, we have to take a lot of standardized tests. The tests are supposed to tell school how hard we work and how well we do in school. However, standardized tests are actually designed to work against you at every step.


A Day at the Capitol with SGA
by: Jossette White

April 25, 2023

     Overall, it was a 10/10,” says Cassandra Gordon, The Student Government Association’s Region 3 Coordinator for the Florida College System’s SGA. Statewide, the students of SGA voted on upcoming bills and scheduled appointments to speak with Florida House Representatives and Senators about their collective stance on the bills.
     A couple of the Bills SGA spoke to Congress about were CS/HB 39 (companion bill SB542) Emergency Opioid Antagonists. This is a bill to get emergency medicine to counteract an overdose on to College campuses and could save student lives. Another bill discussed was
HB51 (SB 590) Prohibited Discrimination based on Hairstyle in the Education System. This is a great bill that protects the rights of ethnic, cultural, and minority students to wear their hair in traditional styles in K-12 and Higher Education.

     Cassandra related that it was a good learning experience and amazing to have the privilege of being on the house floor and speaking to our elected officials. She also said the chairs in the House of Representatives were so comfy, and the Congressional cafeteria food was delicious and fairly cheap! Way to go SGA! LSSC is proud of you and appreciates your positive representation of our student body!





January 24, 2023

People are looking for new, fresh things to watch as the new year begins. One hot trend right now is Kaleidoscope. Reaching Netflix’s number 1 show on their top 10 list, Kaleidoscope is a limited series that features the story of a grand heist and how the plan came together. Here’s where it gets interesting.

April 12, 2022

Out of all films produced by Studio Ghibli, one ranks the most successful. "Spirited Away," written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, released in 2002, is one of the most successful films in Japan, second only to the recent 2020 Japan release of "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba." Gaining popularity in America, "Spirited Away" is one of the most influencing movies in the world.

Read More

February 7, 2023

A short story by: Writerzblock

I had just run away from my fifth foster home in Memphis. I planned to cross the border into Arkansas so the authorities wouldn’t find me. Once there, I just needed to lay low for a few days until I turned 18. At least I wouldn’t be alone...

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